Vaccinations by background characteristics

LGABCGDPT/Pentavalent 1DPT/Pentavalent 2DPT/Pentavalent 3Polio 0Polio 1Polio 2Polio 3MeaslesAll basic vaccinationsNo vaccinationsPercentage with a vaccination card seen
Source: DHS 2013
{"name":"BCG","data":[93.7,95.1,99.5,99.2,99.4,99,100,100]}|{"name":"DPT/Pentavalent 1","data":[92.7,94.7,98.8,98,98.5,98.7,97.5,99.6]}|{"name":"DPT/Pentavalent 2","data":[91.1,89.3,95.8,97.4,96,96.2,93,99.6]}|{"name":"DPT/Pentavalent 3","data":[76.1,82.7,85.7,94.5,88.3,89.3,84.1,96.5]}|{"name":"Polio 0","data":[91.7,91.9,98.3,98.8,97.5,96.6,99,98.8]}|{"name":"Polio 1","data":[91.3,91.9,98.6,98,98,99.3,99.7,99.6]}|{"name":"Polio 2","data":[87.6,88.9,96.6,96.8,95.6,98,95.3,99.1]}|{"name":"Polio 3","data":[76.2,83.4,90.5,92.2,89.2,90.2,87.3,97.4]}|{"name":"Measles","data":[81.8,84.3,82.9,92.4,93.3,94.5,86.8,95.1]}|{"name":"All basic vaccinations","data":[58.8,70.9,69.5,85.5,78.9,81,71.8,92.2]}|{"name":"No vaccinations","data":[5.5,4.9,0.2,0.8,0.6,0.3,0,0]}|{"name":"Percentage with a vaccination card seen","data":[75.9,83,89.5,92,92.6,88.9,92.5,96.1]}
{"name":"BCG","data":[{ name: 'Banjul', y: 93.7},{ name: 'Kanifing', y: 95.1},{ name: 'Brikama', y: 99.5},{ name: 'Mansakonko', y: 99.2},{ name: 'Kerewan', y: 99.4},{ name: 'Kuntaur', y: 99},{ name: 'Janjanbureh', y: 100},{ name: 'Basse', y: 100}]}|{"name":"DPT/Pentavalent 1","data":[{ name: 'Banjul', y: 92.7},{ name: 'Kanifing', y: 94.7},{ name: 'Brikama', y: 98.8},{ name: 'Mansakonko', y: 98},{ name: 'Kerewan', y: 98.5},{ name: 'Kuntaur', y: 98.7},{ name: 'Janjanbureh', y: 97.5},{ name: 'Basse', y: 99.6}]}|{"name":"DPT/Pentavalent 2","data":[{ name: 'Banjul', y: 91.1},{ name: 'Kanifing', y: 89.3},{ name: 'Brikama', y: 95.8},{ name: 'Mansakonko', y: 97.4},{ name: 'Kerewan', y: 96},{ name: 'Kuntaur', y: 96.2},{ name: 'Janjanbureh', y: 93},{ name: 'Basse', y: 99.6}]}|{"name":"DPT/Pentavalent 3","data":[{ name: 'Banjul', y: 76.1},{ name: 'Kanifing', y: 82.7},{ name: 'Brikama', y: 85.7},{ name: 'Mansakonko', y: 94.5},{ name: 'Kerewan', y: 88.3},{ name: 'Kuntaur', y: 89.3},{ name: 'Janjanbureh', y: 84.1},{ name: 'Basse', y: 96.5}]}|{"name":"Polio 0","data":[{ name: 'Banjul', y: 91.7},{ name: 'Kanifing', y: 91.9},{ name: 'Brikama', y: 98.3},{ name: 'Mansakonko', y: 98.8},{ name: 'Kerewan', y: 97.5},{ name: 'Kuntaur', y: 96.6},{ name: 'Janjanbureh', y: 99},{ name: 'Basse', y: 98.8}]}|{"name":"Polio 1","data":[{ name: 'Banjul', y: 91.3},{ name: 'Kanifing', y: 91.9},{ name: 'Brikama', y: 98.6},{ name: 'Mansakonko', y: 98},{ name: 'Kerewan', y: 98},{ name: 'Kuntaur', y: 99.3},{ name: 'Janjanbureh', y: 99.7},{ name: 'Basse', y: 99.6}]}|{"name":"Polio 2","data":[{ name: 'Banjul', y: 87.6},{ name: 'Kanifing', y: 88.9},{ name: 'Brikama', y: 96.6},{ name: 'Mansakonko', y: 96.8},{ name: 'Kerewan', y: 95.6},{ name: 'Kuntaur', y: 98},{ name: 'Janjanbureh', y: 95.3},{ name: 'Basse', y: 99.1}]}|{"name":"Polio 3","data":[{ name: 'Banjul', y: 76.2},{ name: 'Kanifing', y: 83.4},{ name: 'Brikama', y: 90.5},{ name: 'Mansakonko', y: 92.2},{ name: 'Kerewan', y: 89.2},{ name: 'Kuntaur', y: 90.2},{ name: 'Janjanbureh', y: 87.3},{ name: 'Basse', y: 97.4}]}|{"name":"Measles","data":[{ name: 'Banjul', y: 81.8},{ name: 'Kanifing', y: 84.3},{ name: 'Brikama', y: 82.9},{ name: 'Mansakonko', y: 92.4},{ name: 'Kerewan', y: 93.3},{ name: 'Kuntaur', y: 94.5},{ name: 'Janjanbureh', y: 86.8},{ name: 'Basse', y: 95.1}]}|{"name":"All basic vaccinations","data":[{ name: 'Banjul', y: 58.8},{ name: 'Kanifing', y: 70.9},{ name: 'Brikama', y: 69.5},{ name: 'Mansakonko', y: 85.5},{ name: 'Kerewan', y: 78.9},{ name: 'Kuntaur', y: 81},{ name: 'Janjanbureh', y: 71.8},{ name: 'Basse', y: 92.2}]}|{"name":"No vaccinations","data":[{ name: 'Banjul', y: 5.5},{ name: 'Kanifing', y: 4.9},{ name: 'Brikama', y: 0.2},{ name: 'Mansakonko', y: 0.8},{ name: 'Kerewan', y: 0.6},{ name: 'Kuntaur', y: 0.3},{ name: 'Janjanbureh', y: 0},{ name: 'Basse', y: 0}]}|{"name":"Percentage with a vaccination card seen","data":[{ name: 'Banjul', y: 75.9},{ name: 'Kanifing', y: 83},{ name: 'Brikama', y: 89.5},{ name: 'Mansakonko', y: 92},{ name: 'Kerewan', y: 92.6},{ name: 'Kuntaur', y: 88.9},{ name: 'Janjanbureh', y: 92.5},{ name: 'Basse', y: 96.1}]}
The Gambia BCG DPT/Pentavalent 1 DPT/Pentavalent 2 DPT/Pentavalent 3 Polio 0 Polio 1 Polio 2 Polio 3 Measles All basic vaccinations No vaccinations Percentage with a vaccination card seen
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Vaccinations by background characteristics
  • Source: DHS 2013
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