Place of Delivery By LGA

Percent distribution of live births in the five years preceding the survey by place of delivery and percentage delivered in a health facility, according to background characteristics, The Gambia 2013

Distribution of Births for Children (0-59 months) by Place of Delivery and LGA

LGATotalHospitalHealth centerAt homeFamily/ friendsOther
THE GAMBIA66.530.036.56.327.20.0
Banjul City94.
Kanifing Municipal84.964.220.711.93.20.0
Source: IHS 2015/2016
{"name":"Total","data":[66.5,94,84.9,75.9,55.9,70.7,37.1,43.9,42.1]}|{"name":"Hospital","data":[30,87,64.2,34.5,9.4,20.2,10.6,16.7,4.7]}|{"name":"Health center","data":[36.5,7,20.7,41.4,46.5,50.5,26.5,27.2,37.4]}|{"name":"At home","data":[6.3,4.8,11.9,8,5.5,1.3,6.1,1.4,2.7]}|{"name":"Family/ friends","data":[27.2,1.2,3.2,16,38.3,28.1,56.8,54.7,55.3]}|{"name":"Other","data":[0,0,0,0,0.3,0,0,0,0]}
{"name":"Total","data":[{ name: 'THE GAMBIA', y: 66.5},{ name: 'Banjul City', y: 94},{ name: 'Kanifing Municipal', y: 84.9},{ name: 'Brikama', y: 75.9},{ name: 'Mansakonko', y: 55.9},{ name: 'Kerewan', y: 70.7},{ name: 'Kuntaur', y: 37.1},{ name: 'Janjanbureh', y: 43.9},{ name: 'Basse', y: 42.1}]}|{"name":"Hospital","data":[{ name: 'THE GAMBIA', y: 30},{ name: 'Banjul City', y: 87},{ name: 'Kanifing Municipal', y: 64.2},{ name: 'Brikama', y: 34.5},{ name: 'Mansakonko', y: 9.4},{ name: 'Kerewan', y: 20.2},{ name: 'Kuntaur', y: 10.6},{ name: 'Janjanbureh', y: 16.7},{ name: 'Basse', y: 4.7}]}|{"name":"Health center","data":[{ name: 'THE GAMBIA', y: 36.5},{ name: 'Banjul City', y: 7},{ name: 'Kanifing Municipal', y: 20.7},{ name: 'Brikama', y: 41.4},{ name: 'Mansakonko', y: 46.5},{ name: 'Kerewan', y: 50.5},{ name: 'Kuntaur', y: 26.5},{ name: 'Janjanbureh', y: 27.2},{ name: 'Basse', y: 37.4}]}|{"name":"At home","data":[{ name: 'THE GAMBIA', y: 6.3},{ name: 'Banjul City', y: 4.8},{ name: 'Kanifing Municipal', y: 11.9},{ name: 'Brikama', y: 8},{ name: 'Mansakonko', y: 5.5},{ name: 'Kerewan', y: 1.3},{ name: 'Kuntaur', y: 6.1},{ name: 'Janjanbureh', y: 1.4},{ name: 'Basse', y: 2.7}]}|{"name":"Family/ friends","data":[{ name: 'THE GAMBIA', y: 27.2},{ name: 'Banjul City', y: 1.2},{ name: 'Kanifing Municipal', y: 3.2},{ name: 'Brikama', y: 16},{ name: 'Mansakonko', y: 38.3},{ name: 'Kerewan', y: 28.1},{ name: 'Kuntaur', y: 56.8},{ name: 'Janjanbureh', y: 54.7},{ name: 'Basse', y: 55.3}]}|{"name":"Other","data":[{ name: 'THE GAMBIA', y: 0},{ name: 'Banjul City', y: 0},{ name: 'Kanifing Municipal', y: 0},{ name: 'Brikama', y: 0},{ name: 'Mansakonko', y: 0.3},{ name: 'Kerewan', y: 0},{ name: 'Kuntaur', y: 0},{ name: 'Janjanbureh', y: 0},{ name: 'Basse', y: 0}]}
THE GAMBIA|Banjul City|Kanifing Municipal|Brikama|Mansakonko|Kerewan|Kuntaur|Janjanbureh|Basse
The Gambia Total Hospital Health center At home Family/ friends Other
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Distribution of Births for Children (0-59 months) by Place of Delivery and LGA
  • Source: IHS 2015/2016
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