The data show that almost nine in ten births in the five years preceding the survey (86 percent) were wanted at the time, 12 percent were mistimed, and only 1 percent were unwanted. The proportion of births wanted at the time of conception decreases slightly with increasing birth order and motherís age, while the proportion of unwanted births increases with increasing birth order and motherís age. Among women age 45-49, 19 percent of births in the five years before the survey were unwanted.

Fertility planning status

Percent distribution of births to women age 15-49 in the five years preceding the survey (including current pregnancies), by planning status of the birth, according to birth order.

Birth order Planning status of birth
Wanted thenWanted laterWanted no more
Source: DHS 2013
{"name":"Wanted then","data":[88.1,88.8,85.7,84.4]}|{"name":"Wanted later","data":[10.9,10.6,13.6,12.6]}|{"name":"Wanted no more","data":[0.2,0.2,0.3,2.2]}
{"name":"Wanted then","data":[{ name: '1', y: 88.1},{ name: '2', y: 88.8},{ name: '3', y: 85.7},{ name: '4+', y: 84.4}]}|{"name":"Wanted later","data":[{ name: '1', y: 10.9},{ name: '2', y: 10.6},{ name: '3', y: 13.6},{ name: '4+', y: 12.6}]}|{"name":"Wanted no more","data":[{ name: '1', y: 0.2},{ name: '2', y: 0.2},{ name: '3', y: 0.3},{ name: '4+', y: 2.2}]}
The Gambia Wanted then Wanted later Wanted no more
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Fertility planning status
  • Source: DHS 2013
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