Origin To Destination Matrix

The table shows the origin to destination matrix of internal migrants. More than half of the 321,783 internal migrants originate from Kerewan, Kanifing and Brikama Local Government Areas (Kerewan; 21.2 per cent, Kanifing; 18.1 per cent and Brikama; 11.9 per cent). However, significant proportions also originate from Basse and Mansakonko, 10.9 per cent each. The least proportion of internal migrants originates from Kuntaur Local Government Area accounting for only 7.4 per cent of the total internal migrants.The analysis further shows that more than 88.0 per cent of all internal migrants were destined to Brikama and Kanifing Local Government Areas due to a myriad of socio-economic factors. Firstly, access to the city of Banjul is much easier from Kanifing and Brikama than from other LGAs. Limited space on the island of Banjul makes the provision of adequate housing difficult for the population. Consequently, most families in Banjul had to migrate to neighbouring Kanifing and Brikama LGAs for better housing. In fact, infrastructural developments in Kombo North and Kombo South Districts in the last two decades such as the construction of the Kombo coastal roads linking the coastal and fishing settlements to markets in Kanifing and Banjul and the provision of housing estates has made Brikama Local Government Area a major destination of current and future migrants from all LGAs including Kanifing. Finally, access to markets, concentration of modern financial institutions and basic social services and better opportunities for both formal and informal sector employment all attracts migrants from the highly rural LGAs to Kanifing and Brikama.

Origin destination matrix

Local Government Area of Enumeration (Destination) Local Government Area of Birth (Origin)
Banjul KanifingBrikamaMansakonkoKerewanKuntaurJanjanburehBasseTotal
Banjul -5467971571,0661292212853,201
Kanifing20,415 - 29,4949,46624,0165,5598,18915,971113,110
Source: Census 2013
{"name":"Banjul ","data":[0,20415,9937,135,357,57,53,115]}|{"name":"Kanifing","data":[546,0,52545,1011,2682,319,598,623]}|{"name":"Brikama","data":[797,29494,0,2356,3206,503,1046,866]}|{"name":"Mansakonko","data":[157,9466,22900,0,1380,207,803,320]}|{"name":"Kerewan","data":[1066,24016,39914,1697,0,606,631,381]}|{"name":"Kuntaur","data":[129,5559,12622,649,1260,0,2820,672]}|{"name":"Janjanbureh","data":[221,8189,17960,1153,862,1709,0,1636]}|{"name":"Basse","data":[285,15971,15613,379,425,868,1596,0]}|{"name":"Total","data":[3201,113110,171491,7380,10172,4269,7547,4613]}
{"name":"Banjul ","data":[{ name: 'Banjul', y: 0},{ name: 'Kanifing', y: 20415},{ name: 'Brikama', y: 9937},{ name: 'Mansakonko', y: 135},{ name: 'Kerewan', y: 357},{ name: 'Kuntaur', y: 57},{ name: 'Janjanbureh', y: 53},{ name: 'Basse', y: 115}]}|{"name":"Kanifing","data":[{ name: 'Banjul', y: 546},{ name: 'Kanifing', y: 0},{ name: 'Brikama', y: 52545},{ name: 'Mansakonko', y: 1011},{ name: 'Kerewan', y: 2682},{ name: 'Kuntaur', y: 319},{ name: 'Janjanbureh', y: 598},{ name: 'Basse', y: 623}]}|{"name":"Brikama","data":[{ name: 'Banjul', y: 797},{ name: 'Kanifing', y: 29494},{ name: 'Brikama', y: 0},{ name: 'Mansakonko', y: 2356},{ name: 'Kerewan', y: 3206},{ name: 'Kuntaur', y: 503},{ name: 'Janjanbureh', y: 1046},{ name: 'Basse', y: 866}]}|{"name":"Mansakonko","data":[{ name: 'Banjul', y: 157},{ name: 'Kanifing', y: 9466},{ name: 'Brikama', y: 22900},{ name: 'Mansakonko', y: 0},{ name: 'Kerewan', y: 1380},{ name: 'Kuntaur', y: 207},{ name: 'Janjanbureh', y: 803},{ name: 'Basse', y: 320}]}|{"name":"Kerewan","data":[{ name: 'Banjul', y: 1066},{ name: 'Kanifing', y: 24016},{ name: 'Brikama', y: 39914},{ name: 'Mansakonko', y: 1697},{ name: 'Kerewan', y: 0},{ name: 'Kuntaur', y: 606},{ name: 'Janjanbureh', y: 631},{ name: 'Basse', y: 381}]}|{"name":"Kuntaur","data":[{ name: 'Banjul', y: 129},{ name: 'Kanifing', y: 5559},{ name: 'Brikama', y: 12622},{ name: 'Mansakonko', y: 649},{ name: 'Kerewan', y: 1260},{ name: 'Kuntaur', y: 0},{ name: 'Janjanbureh', y: 2820},{ name: 'Basse', y: 672}]}|{"name":"Janjanbureh","data":[{ name: 'Banjul', y: 221},{ name: 'Kanifing', y: 8189},{ name: 'Brikama', y: 17960},{ name: 'Mansakonko', y: 1153},{ name: 'Kerewan', y: 862},{ name: 'Kuntaur', y: 1709},{ name: 'Janjanbureh', y: 0},{ name: 'Basse', y: 1636}]}|{"name":"Basse","data":[{ name: 'Banjul', y: 285},{ name: 'Kanifing', y: 15971},{ name: 'Brikama', y: 15613},{ name: 'Mansakonko', y: 379},{ name: 'Kerewan', y: 425},{ name: 'Kuntaur', y: 868},{ name: 'Janjanbureh', y: 1596},{ name: 'Basse', y: 0}]}|{"name":"Total","data":[{ name: 'Banjul', y: 3201},{ name: 'Kanifing', y: 113110},{ name: 'Brikama', y: 171491},{ name: 'Mansakonko', y: 7380},{ name: 'Kerewan', y: 10172},{ name: 'Kuntaur', y: 4269},{ name: 'Janjanbureh', y: 7547},{ name: 'Basse', y: 4613}]}
Banjul |Kanifing|Brikama|Mansakonko|Kerewan|Kuntaur|Janjanbureh|Basse
The Gambia Banjul Kanifing Brikama Mansakonko Kerewan Kuntaur Janjanbureh Basse Total
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Origin destination matrix
  • Source: Census 2013
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