Primary reason for departure from previous location

Primary Reason for Departure from Previous Location, 2015/16

Loss of employment0.50.3
Lack of employment1.70.2
Employment of spouse0.10.7
Other family reasons18.217.4
House built elsewhere11.48.4
Trade and business3.70.4
Lack of land1.30.8
Desire to return home2.30.6
Parent/HH moved22.116.6
Source: IHS 2015/2016
{"name":"Male","data":[{ name: 'Employment', y: 29.2},{ name: 'Loss of employment', y: 0.5},{ name: 'Lack of employment', y: 1.7},{ name: 'Employment of spouse', y: 0.1},{ name: 'Marriage', y: 1},{ name: 'Other family reasons', y: 18.2},{ name: 'Studies', y: 6.5},{ name: 'Disaster/conflict', y: 0.6},{ name: 'Health', y: 0.2},{ name: 'House built elsewhere', y: 11.4},{ name: 'Trade and business', y: 3.7},{ name: 'Lack of land', y: 1.3},{ name: 'Desire to return home', y: 2.3},{ name: 'Parent/HH moved', y: 22.1},{ name: 'Other', y: 1}]}|{"name":"Female","data":[{ name: 'Employment', y: 2.9},{ name: 'Loss of employment', y: 0.3},{ name: 'Lack of employment', y: 0.2},{ name: 'Employment of spouse', y: 0.7},{ name: 'Marriage', y: 48.2},{ name: 'Other family reasons', y: 17.4},{ name: 'Studies', y: 2.2},{ name: 'Disaster/conflict', y: 0.5},{ name: 'Health', y: 0.3},{ name: 'House built elsewhere', y: 8.4},{ name: 'Trade and business', y: 0.4},{ name: 'Lack of land', y: 0.8},{ name: 'Desire to return home', y: 0.6},{ name: 'Parent/HH moved', y: 16.6},{ name: 'Other', y: 0.4}]}
Employment|Loss of employment|Lack of employment|Employment of spouse|Marriage|Other family reasons|Studies|Disaster/conflict|Health|House built elsewhere|Trade and business|Lack of land|Desire to return home|Parent/HH moved|Other
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Primary Reason for Departure from Previous Location, 2015/16
  • Source: IHS 2015/2016
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